Sunday, August 9, 2015

Drone Video of Supernova Nationals

This video covers this summer's Supernova National Championship and is one of the better sailing dinghy drone videos now flooding the Internet. Though the video is a little bit long for my taste (and the music sometime jarring to my old ears), it is a high quality production by Limitless Image Aerial Photography. The Supernova is an English hiking singlehander, one of a plethora of singlehanded dinghies thriving in the English market. It is considered a big guy singlehander sporting a full battened rig on a stayed mast.

The Supernova Facebook page can be found here.

Of a tactical note: Despite the huge onus the new rules put on coming in on port tack at the weather mark, it seems a lot of sailors still do it.


Anonymous said...

Fleet seems to be all over; widely different skill levels?


Tweezerman said...

Actually that's a good thing. A class is healthy when it still attracts all skill levels to come to the Nationals. It indicates the class members like sailing that particular dinghy and they enjoy hanging out with fellow class members, no matter where they place. All good.