Thursday, September 10, 2015

Directors Cut: CRAB - Delivery Skipper - Freedom 21

Click here for information about CRAB (Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating).

It somewhat pains me to admit this, but I've done more keelboat sailing over this past summer than dinghy sailing. I've been volunteering at CRAB (Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating - my long time sailing friend, Dick White, is sailing director there) and I've been kicking around the Bay with various groups in CRAB's keelboats, the Freedom 21's, which were designed specifically for handicap sailing.

The blogmeister had to make a singlehanded delivery of a Freedom 21 from the home-port of Sandy Point State Park down to Annapolis (the Freedom 21's were sailing in Boatyard Bar and Grill fundraising regatta off Annapolis that Saturday). I took my trusty pocket waterproof camera and shot a very short video of the 6-7 mile jaunt (including selfie).

I was delivering the Freedom 21 down to Annapolis for the annual Boatyard Bar and Grill fundraising regatta, where, as it turns out, US Sailing had decided to feature this years regatta, and CRAB, in this well done video.

The local Chesapeake Bay sailing rag, Spinsheet Magazine, captured the elusive blogmeister crewing at a previous Wounded Warriors Regatta.

Photo courtesy of Spinsheet Magazine


Romain BERARD said...

What is you crew sitting on ?

Tweezerman said...


These are seats designed for disabled sailors, particularly paraplegics who don't have use of their legs. They have straps to secure the sailor sitting in these seats. They are designed to swivel from low to high side but I have never moved them. On the Freedom 21, there are two seats, one for the skipper and one forward for a crew. In the specific photo in the post, the skipper was recovering from a severe foot injury, and although he had mobility, he was just as happy to helm from the seat.

my2fish said...

very cool to see you help out with that program. I think the Blind Sailing Worlds was this past weekend on Lake Michigan near Chicago.