Monday, September 7, 2015

Header Photo: Classic International 14

The previous header photo was of a classic International 14, circa late 1960's. (One clue is the crew isn't using a trapeze which didn't get voted in until 1969.)  This is a Canadian 14 as it has the Canadian registration numbers on the bow. Design? I'm guessing Proctor V or VII given the bow rocker profile. (Yes, you could say I'm somewhat of a International 14 history geek, though, to be honest, I grew up with these boats.)

More classic International 14 material can be found on my companion blog.


Tom said...

Sure looks like the Walsh brothers to me.

Tweezerman said...


Possibly, but I figure the Walsh brothers are around our age, which would put them late high school teens when this photo was taken. These gents look older. I do have Tim Walsh's email. Maybe I'll touch base with him.