Thursday, December 17, 2015

John Z's Mistral, Bend-em-Up, Stitch and Tape, Boat Building Instructions

With the publication in Earwigoagin of the stitch and tape, Classic Moth, Mistral design offsets;
I received an inquiry; "How do you actually assemble the hull? Again, I turned to master builder, John Z, and he supplied the following short PDF of photos and captions detailing at least the first assembly stages of a Mistral Classic Moth build project.


Alden Smith said...

Excellent series of photographs, and I like the shape of this boat - what does she look like finished?

Tweezerman said...


Click here for a good place to start with posts on the Mistral Classic Moth

Amy Smith Linton said...


Alden Smith said...

Rod, Seasons Greetings - That is one hell of a great post on the Mistral Classic Moth complete with a resource list on your link! - thanks a lot and a very Merry Christmas to you!