Thursday, October 15, 2015

Classic Moth Plans: Mistral Hull Panel Offsetts

Despite being the tippiest Classic Moth design out there, more Mistral designs are built in the U.S than any other design - by a long shot. Although a competent Laser or Sunfish racer has no problem handling a Mistral (after an initial "let's get acquainted session" to get over the wobbliness) other, less experienced sailors, get sucked in by the simple stitch and glue, bend-em-up, building process. Sometimes they have been very surprised when they get on the water.

More information on the Mistral design can be found here.

The front end of a Mistral - this is Mike Parson's.

The back end of a Mistral - this is John Z's.

For those not to be dissuaded by my introductory warning and desire to build a Mistral, here are the Mistral panel offsets in both DXF and PDF formats.

(Note!: These offsets are only the beginning - you will need at least three bulkheads, a transom, and framing around the mast step to finish up the shape.)

The section dimensions of the fast Y2K Mistral can be found here.

A DXF drawing of the hull panel (you will need 2 identical panels to form a hull). Use the pop-out icon (top-right) to open in another tab to print or download.

A PDF file with the offsets. Use the pop-out icon (top-right) to open in another tab to print or download.

A short synopsis of Derek Chester's original instructions for the Mistral build. Again, use the pop-out icon (top-right) to open in another tab to print or download.


Alden Smith said...

I have never seen such a dish shaped cross section! I bet she is slippery but tippy!

I like your new main blog photo - Is that a 'Penguin' sailing dinghy?

Tweezerman said...


The sections are actually a very deep V in the center, transitioning to a circular transom. Either way a very floppy hull.

Tweezerman said...


The boat in the new header photo is a Blue Jay, a Sparkman and Stephens design. It is arc-bottomed like the Penguin but larger, 13'long with a main and jib.

my2fish said...

What about an over-weight and not quite so competent Sunfish sailor? I'm pretty sure I would like something that tippy.

Tweezerman said...


Go for it. I'm sure your kids might find a Mistral a very amusing craft to sail. Plus you have the Sunfish as a mother ship to facilitate rescues.