Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What makes this blog run?

What makes this erudite sailing blog possible? How does Instagram save all those millions and millions of selfie photos? Where is the cloud? (Many of us don't trust it wherever it is.) How can Gmail save all my emails, even the ones I didn't mean to send? Why does Facebook still have THAT PHOTO of a certain college party after all these years

This video does the best of any to explain the technology of acres and acres of data farms that makes the cloud possible and has taken us beyond the single computer workstation (and shlepping a floppy disk hither and yon) into the hyper connected world. (It must be noted that this video is also a Google advertisement.)


Alden Smith said...

Holy cow! You mean the 'Cloud' isn't a big white puffy thing that data gets saved in! Bugger, here's me thinking that all the worlds data would be safe from power cuts and fruitloop nutters. I'll stick with my own hard drive for now, phew that was a close thing.

Tweezerman said...


When I started this blog (not that long ago) photos or movies from a regatta were obtained by sending them on a CD through the post. Now they are shared instantly using Facebook, Picassa, Flickr or Dropbox albums. All through the cloud. It is hard to refuse the convenience of the cloud.

Bursledon Blogger said...

The term for all those photo's and selfies is unkindly - digital landfill

Growing exponentially but the face/oogle/likr/drop,icassa etc can't ever delete them

Tweezerman said...


Digital landfill. Hmmm! But if I didn't have the cloud I wouldn't be able to view all your great images on your blog. A double-edged sword like most technology.