Sunday, October 18, 2015

Geezer Racing: The Gentleman's Way

The formula:
  1. Get a small two-man dinghy with, and this is important, NO SPINNAKER!
  2. Make sure the wind is light so NO HIKING! (Well, maybe some leaning out is OK.)
  3. Assign one geezer as PORT helmsman and the other as STARBOARD helmsman which eliminates any one person actually crossing the entire boat on tacks
  4. Enjoy whatever the competition brings!


Alden Smith said...

I am 64 but I don't think I qualify as an old geezer, I would have the spinnaker up at the first opportunity and if I had to share the helm with anyone else I would probably push them overboard - nah, don't treat me like an old geezer or I will whack you with my tiller extension - which probably qualifies me as an old geezer curmudgeon but not a gentleman.

Tweezerman said...


For certain races, and if you have the light wind to pull it off, I think the idea is bloody brilliant. Just think of the possibilities at the bar after the race, jawing back and forth with your compatriot about how much better Mr. Port Tack did versus Mr. Starboard Tack - or vice-versa.

Dieharddinghysailor said...

If you happen to have had the unfortunate experience of sailing a San Francisco Pelican, the notion of staying on one or other side of the boat is extremely attractive, especially for most of the old farts that sail them. The access across the boat when tacking is limited owing to the high long centreboard case that leaves about a foot between that and the tiller.
I'm still recovering from the trauma of teaching sailing to adults and kids in Pelicans....!!

Tweezerman said...


Never sailed a SF Pelican but they do look very roomy and from what I can gather on the Internet, they make good dinghy cruising. There are usually one or two at the MASCF boat gathering. Perhaps I need to beg a ride one of these days.