Sunday, August 21, 2016

House Chores

I was vacuuming one of the side bedrooms in our house and came across two small pieces of paper on the floor. In picking them up, I discovered they weren't scrap paper but thumbnail prints (most likely cut out from a contact sheet) of the blogmeister sailing his Laser out of SSA (Annapolis) back in the 1970's. They must have fallen from some book I had re-shelved. I don't know who took the photos. (Warning! Blogmeister with hair and beard)

It looks like it was a gusty northwester as I was sailing upwind towards the U.S. Naval Academy.

Nobody had invented flat leg hiking yet!

From the Earwigoagin archives; a few of the Laser posts featuring the blogmeister.


Tom said...

Maybe the day you dislocated your shoulder?

Tweezerman said...

Don't think so. If I remember the wind that day was a strong southerly. These photos were taken in a medium, shifty northwesterly. Plus I remember the day I dislocated my shoulder as being a day without a lot of boat traffic (though maybe we were still racing after the AYC frostbiters had gone home). It was about the same time frame though.

Tom said...

it ended up as a VERY strong NW. I remember thinking (as I clung to the daggerboard of the turtled Laser) that I might get blown out across the Bay.