Thursday, August 4, 2016

Music Whenever: Heifervescent "Billy Comes Home"

A boppy rock tune - it's got a little of the late 60's Monkeys vibe to it (and to tell you the truth, I liked the Monkeys). I guess this band isn't into putting up a produced music video but it's the music that counts.

The lyrics:
Billy comes home
I've been waiting for so many years to find a reason to ride back home

It's been a long time
and these houses and haircuts and horrorbags I hardly would have recognised

I call up my friend
and he tells me his wondrous adventures in financial investment went wrong

but I'm all right Jack I hate to say
I've got no money but I'm happy this way so hey hey!
so hey hey!

Oh dear what have I done?
I had an idea and took the money and ran...
...into a brick wall

These goofs are bigger than me
These goofs are better than me
These goofs have friends in high places

I wondered how often I used the adjective "boppy" to describe a tune. It turns out not that often. Click here to see the tunes I described as boppy.

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