Sunday, October 7, 2018

Header Photo: Classic Moths upwind; 2017 U.S.. Nationals

The previous header photo is an upwind leg of the 2017 Classic Moth Nationals at E-City. It was light wind that year and it appears to be light wind again this year. The 2018 Nationals are going on as I type this blogpost. They were postponed one month because of Hurricane Florence. I'm not attending because I've lost my racing motivation at the moment.


Alden Smith said...

I understand losing motivation for competing. Mine is mainly because the whole winter series where a constant stream of very, very light breezes or no wind at all. Very frustrating. The same has happened in on the first of the two races in this seasons programme - My tiller hand is getting a bit twitchy for a full sail breeze.

Tweezerman said...

I've got grandkids, bless them, but they take a certain chunk of time. Also I've found the summers to be too hot, way too hot in the Mid-Atlantic to make sailing enjoyable in my dotage.