Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Young Boatbuilder Emerges; a CLC SUP build

Just as I was lamenting the lack of young people interested in building their own boats, Pete, the son of my good friend and Classic Moth buddy John Z, comes home from college for Christmas break and puts together a CLC standup paddleboard in two weeks! With such a short timeline, Pete put together a daily schedule using a spreadsheet. And stick to the schedule he did as the completed paddleboard went back to college with him.

Pete with hull done, awaiting deck.

Pete doing the final fit out.

Pete paddling somewhere near Duke University, NC.

And your blogmeister, lured by promises of a swig of the nice dark Norwegian stout John received over Christmas, showed up one night to supervise.

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michael b said...

Looks like you did all the hard work.