Saturday, January 1, 2011

Music Whenever; Dan Auerbach "Goin Home"

My daughter Robyn steps up to the plate again, ringing in 2011 with a wistful tune from Dan Auerbach about Home.....

How roots tug on us this time of the year...

How we return to that center that dwells among us greatly during the holidays.....

And the lyrics.............

I've spent too long away from home
Did all the things I could have done
Gone are the days of endless thrills
I know I'm not the only one

So long, I'm goin', goin' home¦

I saw the streets all ripe with jewels
Balconies and the laundry lines
They tried to make me welcome there
But their streets did not feel like mine

So long, I'm goin', goin' home¦

I want the sun to hit my face
Through oak trees in the open lot
Forget about the things you want
Be thankful for what all you got

So long, I'm goin', goin' home¦

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michael b said...

Good find, Robyn! This guy can rock too: