Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Header Photo; 1948 Classic Moth Start

The caption to this old timey photo reads as follows;

"Portsmouth Boat Club Annual Regatta, June 12 & 13 1948

"Blondie", left with skipper Dorr Willey, gets off to the lead which brought the first place, W. H. Weatherly III sailing "Lacerta" #567, right is the winner of second place in the Moth Class. Photo by Gene James."


Baydog said...

What the hell kind of freakishly large-canvassed sailboat is that in your header photo?

tillerman said...

And why does it need a guy standing on one leg to hold the mast up?

Tweezerman said...

The Barnegat A-Cat class, of which I know almost nothing but looks to be one of those very unique traditional classes (like our Eastern Shore Log Canoes). Putting this photo up will force me to do some Google research. I troll the Internet for interesting sailing images and found this on a blog where the gent equally shares posts between his beloved NY Giants, sailing, NJ shore nostalgia, food and family (all interesting I might add).

And Tillerman, welcome back! In my research on the A-cats I'll see if they have a specialized crew position of mast holder-onner.

tillerman said...

I think Baydog knows perfectly well what that boat is.

Come to think of it, I think I've posted about them on my blog too.