Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bruce Kirby Speaks at the Webb Institute

If you have a spare hour to listen to a lecture by Bruce Kirby on yacht design (and the Laser and the Torch), the Classic International 14 blog has the video.


Tillerman said...

Interesting that when he got around to his plans to change the name of Laser to Torch, he at first said "if I do that" and then hastily corrected himself to say "when I do that."

Makes me think that the whole Torch stuff is just some kind of legal/ negotiation strategy and we never will see any Torches produced.

Tweezerman said...


Finally had some time to dig back through your blog and review your excellent coverage on the Laser debacle. It its any consolation, I've been reading a book on American inventors and the patent wars were extremely nasty. Armstrong, the inventor of all the circuits necessary to create FM radio, committed suicide when Sarnoff decided to tie him up with constant litigation.