Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tempo Scow whooping it up!

I have posted about the three South African Jack Koper designed scows and below is a video of two German gents having a grand old time reaching along in the Jack Koper Tempo scow. The first thirty seconds of the video is relaxed and then a grand breeze filters down the lake, sending them into giddy hyperspace. As I have said before, I am monolingual and don't have a clue what they're saying as they bomb along. It would be fun to sail on a Tempo.

I'll have more to say about Jack Koper's smallest scow, the Dabchick in a later post.

A more recent post on the Tempo scow.


Keep Reaching said...

That looked like real fun - I dont speak German either but who cares - it made me smile.

Joe Rousé said...

Funny thing, I'm trying to convince the sailing program that I'm associated with to consider building the Dabchick (for the kids), and the Sonnet or Sonatina (designed by Jack's late son, Chris. For the adult program.) We're sailing out on San Rafael Bay....a very shallow between San Pablo and San Francisco Bays.

Romain BERARD said...

nice run !

maddog mcewan said...

Have created a public group in memory of Tempo's worldwide for lovers of this incredible scow -

Tempo Racing Dinghy International