Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm back!...........Well sort of

Some may have noticed my absence from these pages. Some may have guessed that I was once again helping coach womens spring lacrosse at Wheaton HS. We finished with 3 wins and 8 losses this spring; the wins were by bigger margins over the same teams we beat last year, the losses were by about the same as last year.... there was progress but with injuries not as much as I had hoped. There was some frustration on my part but hey, I'm a volunteer coach and there are bigger things in the scheme of high school life than wins and losses.

I must admit I didn't spend much time on the Internet the last couple of months. I didn't monitor my blog and (sorry) I didn't read other blogs on my blog roll. I did read books and that was a very good thing and (tip of the hat to Tillerman) I did have the first grandbaby to occasionally cart around to look at the leaves and flowers and breezes of spring.

So Earwigoagin is back but not as the consistent blogger of yore. I still have a pile of books to read.

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my2fish said...

welcome back. sort of.