Friday, April 1, 2016

Classic Moth Sail Measurement Drawing

Since there has been some international interest in building Classic Moths, I offer up the U.S Classic Moth sail measurement. Our Classic Moth sail is a traditional pin-headed sail (similar to the Finn Dinghy in planform). The Europe Dinghy class has taken the basic Classic Moth planform and added more roach to the top batten. The sail areas between the Classic Moth and Europe Dinghy are similar since the Classic Moths allow more roach in the middle of the sail. In practice we don't notice any difference when someone shows up to race with the Classic Moths using a Europe Dinghy sail (technically illegal but we have allowed them to race from time to time). Many of the Classic Moth sailors who sail the Europe Dinghy have found a Classic Moth sail on the Europe Dinghy to be a faster combination than a cut-down Europe Dinghy sail (not sure why this is the case - chalk it up to another hard to explain mystery).

In our girth measurements we have recently converted over to the ISAF method of throwing an arc from a fixed point (1/2 or 3/4 or 406 mm) on the leech.

Again, with this image, use the pop-out icon (top-right) to get the image into another tab for printing.

Classic Moth measurement rules.

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