Saturday, January 7, 2017

3D Rendering in Perspectives: Classic Moth News: Winter 2017

Andy Slavinskas, who lives just up the road in Philadelphia, has been doodling in 3D CAD and sends along some rendered drawings; three Classic Moths, with four different perspectives of each one. The first page is my own design, the Tweezer, a flat rocker U'd shape. The second page is the race-winning (for Gen II), high rocker, V'eed hull shape of the Mistral. The third page is the more conventional sailing dinghy shape which is a consistent winner in our Gen I, the Europe Dinghy.

Andy is doing all this work as a prelude to drawing up a Classic Moth he intends to build down the road. It will be very interesting to see what he comes up with. Given his expertise with computer drawing programs, this design will be well documented.


Bill said...

The Europe shape and the Mistral are very similar in rocker. The fuller bow of the euro I think is the difference in stability between the two boats. The other difference in racing a stock euro v a Mistral is the 25 pounds the euro gives away. I'm still figuring out my stripper euro but I think it will out perform a stock euro and with a division 1 sailor driving can compete with the Mistral.

Tweezerman said...

The best a Gen I (since we had Gen I and Gen II divisions and the Mistral dominance) has done in an E-City Nationals has been Rebecca Duzinsky sailing her Olympic Europe to a fourth place and Gary Gowans sailing his Cates to a fourth place. It remains to be proven if anyone else can, in a Gen I, beat the best Mistrals.