Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RazMoth II Drawing: Classic Moth News - Winter 2017

Plans de dériveur Classique Moth

Bertrand Warion sent along his working drawing of the RazMoth II. Lesser mortals would want more detailed plans, with scantlings and dimensions written on every piece of wood, but, for an experienced Moth boat builder, this is all you need to produce a working Mothboat. These drawings show the strong Fireball influence in this design. We also have in the Earwigoagin archives, the Mothball, a Moth dreamed up by Floridian Patrick Burger, who chopped off the back five feet from a Fireball to make a Moth. There is some similarity between the two.

The section spacings are hard to read on the drawing but should be:
  • Curve of nose piece - 3.7 cm 
  • Station 1 - 85 cm.
  • Station 2 - 137 cm.
  • Station 3 - 190 cm.
  • Station 4 - 261 cm.
  • Transom - 331 cm.

Another photo of the RazMoth II under sail with a storm brewing on the horizon.

Construction of RazMoth MkII

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