Thursday, November 7, 2019

Singlehand Dinghy Racing Shorts of 2019

As the night takes over the day during the winter months, time to pop over to YouTube for some vicarious thrills. Here is a compilation of some 2019 singlehanded racing dinghy videos which Earwigoagin has deemed worthy of viewing.

From the Lake Garda video maestro, two junior singlehanded classes that are not the Laser; the O'pen skiff (designed to go after the Opti market) and the Zoom 8 class (a Laser 4.7 alternative).

The English Solo Dinghy class. Move the slider to the 1:40 mark and watch some incredible planing action.

Again, the Worlds most popular Classic Moth, the Europe Dinghy.

And the two classes designed to take down the Laser in the Olympics but couldn't surmount World Sailing politics; the RS Aero and Devoti D Zero.


johnz said...

Beautiful videos, thanks for digging them up Tweezerman.

Tweezerman said...

Thanks John. It still looks like singlehanded dinghy racing is the growth area in the sport of small boat sailing.