Thursday, November 26, 2015

1948 Duster Nationals - Riverton Y.C, Delaware River

Roland Hunn shared with me the program for the 1948 Duster Nationals at Riverton Y.C. (Roland's uncle, Ted Hunn, was president of the class in 1948). In the program was this photo of the Duster fleet starting in a drifter. The Duster class was a local New Jersey singlehander.

1948 Duster Nationals Yearbook

My previous post on the Duster.


Alden Smith said...

One of the great things about the BlogSphere (Namely the ones for us yachties) is that I have come across a large number of national and regional small yacht classes that I had no idea existed - such as this Duster class. They look 'Moth Like' in the very best 'Scow' manner!

Roland Hunn said...

True Alden, they were "moth-like" but larger in dimension. They were longer and possibly wider in the beam. They also had a bronze (I believe) centerboard instead of a daggerboard. Probably more sail area too. I will have to look it up. When I was a kid there were probably a couple dozen of them at the Riverton Yacht Club.