Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not Turkey Carving; but Laser Carving

We American's are just finishing up our Thanksgiving feast weekend, Roast, baked, or fried turkey is the centerpiece and carving the turkey into white or dark meat pieces is all part of the tradition (and then add the gravy, stuffing, oyster or regular, mashed sweet or white potatoes, cornbread, vegetable casseroles of all sorts ..... well, you get the idea).

Segue into a sailing theme, in this case Olympic sailors carving their Lasers downwind. (Carving, in this case, a maritime definition borrowed from the surfers and meaning the radical changes in direction to stay on a wave.)

And surprise, surprise, an American in the lead in this one!

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Alden Smith said...

I once heard someone say that watching yacht racing is like watching grass grow - they obviously haven't seen this video or only been watching sailing wind the wind is less than 2 knots - there a quite a few of these flat out sailing dinghy videos on Utube that make for mesmerizing viewing.