Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two More Classic Moth Sections in DXF

Plans de dériveur classique Moth

I keep doodling around with Classic Moth designs. Below are two; a round bilged design loosely based on my Maser and another modified Cates design. These are DXF files which can be imported into various drafting or 3D programs. Hover your mouse pointer over the right corner of the drawing and click on the arrow icon (top right corner of drawing). The drawing will open in another tab on your browser and you can download from there.

Dimensions in both drawings are in meters.

The round-bilged design is a middle of the road design and would fit quite nicely in our wider, flatter, Gen 1 division. Sections are placed (starting at the bow, again all dimensions are in meters) at:

.304 .608 .912 1.216 1.520 1.824 2.128 2.432 2.736 3.040 3.353

The Cates design was the dominant U.S Moth of the 1960's. As I've been listening to the history of the class, there were many builders that added their own touches to the Cates, pushing the design in various different ways. In this vintage tradition of modifying the Cates, here is one of mine. I've added a flat rocker panel to bump up the displacement to accommodate  the increased girth of senior skippers. Also, on this version of the Cates, the original V'eed transom gives way to a shallow curve. Again, section placement is given in meters.

.030 .100 .250 .550 1.100 1.650 2.200 2.750 3.340

Classic Moth plans post.


Christopher Jones said...

Interestingly, when I bring these into a modeling app they render as 2d line drawings. I do not get a 3d object. A 3d render would help for getting a better idea of the shape.

Tweezerman said...


DXF drawings are 2D. For 3D you need IGES or one of the more popular 3D programs like Rhino. If you want an IGES file for a particular design - tweezer.sailing with our good friends over at