Saturday, March 19, 2016

Updates on Classic Moth Builds: Spring 2016

Springtime and let's see what the makers in the Classic Moth world are cooking up.

I know two Bill's who are boat-builders and both of them are very, very quick at knocking a boat out from scratch. The next couple of photos are from Bill Boyle's blog where he is documenting his cedar strip Europe Dinghy build. He has the hull off the molds and is now fitting the bulkheads and deck reinforcements.

The king-plank for the foredeck and the mast strut connecting down to the hull. This will support the deck-stepped mast.

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The daggerboard trunk.

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How the mast strut is gussetted at both juncture points.

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John Hanson, a Mainer, is starting a New Zealand Moth scow as a father/son project. John is the publisher of Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors magazine and will be documenting the build in upcoming issues. He did a mock-up of the hull (which is essentially a Len Morris MkII scow) in luan.
Picture clipped from Issue 139 of Maine Boats, Harbors, Homes

Also, about 50 km. from where I live, Victor Stango is reconstructing the rolled deck on a Maser he picked up over the winter. Whoo! Hoo! another Maser in the local fleet.

Meanwhile our Classic Moth friends in Russia are proceeding apace with their construction of the Mistral Moth. They built the hull over full molds and report that there was little issue in getting the plywood to behave when fitting.

Here is one side of the plywood going on.

Completed shell off the molds. The builder is Serg-IF. Looking good!


George A said...

Nice round up Tweezerman! Thanks for posting.

George A said...

BTW: Where's an uptake on YOUR scow Moth build???

Tweezerman said...

Moth build has been static for the last three months. Unlike Bill Boyle, I hibernate in the cold months.

isleofwightlen said...

Great write up Rod ... Makes me want to get out in the water ...