Monday, October 6, 2014

John Z - Steady progress on his Classic Moth - Mod Mistral Build

Offsets for the Mistral hull panels can be found here.

I've been reporting on local Annapolis Classic Mothist, John Z's building of his modified Mistral. Well, at the beginning of this year John Z bought back his old cruising boat and has been spending time refitting his old love. Consequently, this summer, progress on his Classic Moth build has slowed but, despite the distractions of his cruising yacht, there has been progress - he has got the foredeck ply on and added structure where he thought he would need it.

Aft stringers before the aft-tank plywood goes down.

You can tell the V-shape of the Mistral, even in the back end, from this photo. Note the 1/2 ply formers to support the side-tanks.

There is no such thing as sloppy boat-building where John is concerned.

In all the times I've been over to John Z's boat-shop/basement we have never thrown darts - a good thing as I'm sure he doesn't want all these holes in the dry wall (when I throw, at least 1 in 8 end up completely outside the dart board).

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