Thursday, December 11, 2008

Directors Cut; YouTube - 2006 Classic Moth Nationals

Unlike most classes, the Classic Moth's come back to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, every year for their national championships. Elizabeth City is where the U.S Mothists claim the Moth class originated (the Australians have an equally valid claim for developing the first Moth). In 1929, a professional captain Joel Van Sant designed his 11' "Jumping Juniper during his annual maintenance layover at Elizabeth City before taking his yacht on to Florida. My fourth YouTube video is a slideshow of the 2006 Elizabeth City Classic Moth Nationals,

As you watch the video, here are the time stamps and annotations of the Mothboats and their sailors;

0.21 - Deck layout of a Florida Mousetrap design, most likely Ken Wilius's.
0.23- Maser (modified Laser) built by Al Whitener and owned by Joe Courter. Duflos transom in background.
0.29 - Craig Saunders rigging his Mistral.
0.36 - Lewis Hayes's McCutcheon built Shelly 3 design.
0.40 - Jeff Linton's Mousetrap (modified Mistral) stern view.
1.32 - George Albaugh's vintage Dorr Willey design.
1.48 - Greg Duncan in his vintage Connecticut (Skip Etchells) desgin.
2.05 - Craig Saunders and Jeff Linton at the finish.
2.19 - Derek Dudinsky in his Mousetrap.
2.24 - Rod Koch in his modified Europe.
2.30 - Erik Albaugh in a Shelly 2.
2.35 - Rutledge Young in a Gen 1 Mint design.
2.45 - Ken Wilius in a Mousetrap.
2.53 - John Zseleczky in a Mistral.
3.00 - Joe Bousquet in a Mistral.

Photos taken by Elizabeth Albaugh.
Music is "Chinkapin Hunting" by the Chicken Chokers.

For more on the history of the Moth class, visit the Wikipedia entry for Moth Class History .

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