Friday, December 19, 2008

Music for Fridays; Skin and More Skin

I assume the few readers of this blog are male so I abandon any pretense keeping "Music for Fridays" forever highbrow (well maybe none of my "Music for Fridays" would be considered highbrow....)

This is a twofer.

First "Angel City" with a dance tune "Touch Me".

And for you needing to salve any Catholic guilt after viewing this; the following is a story of a seductive murderess being pursued by a mysterious man driving an American car, and, in the middle of the video, African women singing a refrain. Very weird. I suppose the lesson for the men is to keep your guard up if some young, nubile, half clad women takes a fancy to you! But I like the techno beat.

"Mauro Picotto" with "Komodo"

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