Friday, December 12, 2008

Vendee Globe: Loick Peyron Dismasting

Anybody reading this blog will figure out that I've been following the Vendee Globe Round the World Singlehanded Race pretty closely. With regular video updates and yacht tracker positions, this years race has an immediacy for the Internet sailor second to none.

Loick Peyron, one of the leaders, dismasted on Wednesday in the Southern Ocean. He made a quick video of the damage (look at the daggerboard poking up out of the mainsail) before getting to work cleaning up. Cutting away a dismasted rig is hard work for a full crew, let alone a singlehanded sailor. The end of video shows Loick with his jury rig using the boom. Yacht tracker shows him pointed for the West Coast of Australia.

Yachtpals has been hard at work converting Vendee Globe video over to YouTube.

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