Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vendee Globe: From the two women

I really should be writing Christmas cards but in true Internet armchair warrior fashion, I am sipping one of my favorite stouts, Brooklyn Brewing's Chocolate Stout, and watching true sailing warriors battle the Southern Ocean.

Sam Davies changing out headsails on Roxy and then on the back half of the video, Sam, after enduring an hellacious night (not a good night for sleeping, she says!), shows a childlike amazement at a beautiful, crisp, sunny day on the Southern Ocean.

And then Dee Caffari on the psychological pressures of enduring a gale in the Southern Ocean. Even in dinghies, carbon hulls are much louder than other hulls. I've read that the U.S Army has used constant blasting of rock music as torture. Can the slamming, banging, groaning, loud swishing of water passing at 20 knots underneath ..... can this be far behind?

If I was magically transported to one of these Open 60's, it wouldn't take long before I was curled up in my bunk, hands over my ears, yelling "Please make it stop..... Please!"

Videos posted by Yachtpals

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