Friday, December 19, 2008

E-Scow Absolutely Cooking

This video is one of the more popular sailing videos on YouTube with over 24 thousand hits as I write this. This E-Scow is jib reaching in breeze with spray everywhere. What a hoot!

I sailed on an E-Scow once, even got to steer. Very powerful and deceptively quick from inside the boat. You needed to look aft at the stern wake to fully appreciate how fast you were going.

I remember back in the 1970's standing on the shore at Mantoloking YC on Barnegat Bay and watching off in a distance, a 505 at full stride under spinnaker. I watched in awe for about a minute; the 505 blasting along, and then realized there was another boat a couple of hundred yards behind under spinnaker that was just eating this 505 up. It was an E-Scow that looked to be going twice the speed of the 505. Very impressive

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