Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vendee Globe: Two Women (cont)

Most of the time, video posts from the Vendee Globe competitors have a relatively sunny flavor to them, even when all hell is breaking loose. In this post, we see the raw emotion breaking out from Dee Caffari when she learns that Mike Golding, sailing an identical boat and rig to her, has dismasted. For her, it's just another niggling, distracting thought that hopefully you can put to the back of the brain as you continue attacking the Southern Ocean.

The shore crew for Sam Davies "Roxy" has come up with the best video angle for shooting these boats as they careen down waves in the Southern Ocean. They have a camera with a fish eye lens, strung up off the aft port quarter which captures most of the Open 60. What amazes me in this video is how well this Open 60 handles waves at speed and I mean SPEED!. Part of it must be the trimming of the ballast tanks, part of it must be hull design, but you never see walls of water washing over the boat as you see on the VOR 70's.

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