Monday, November 24, 2008

YouTube: Swedish Wooden Sailing Dinghies

I'm a sucker for homebuilt wooden sailing dinghies. This video popped up this weekend and shows some Swedish only wooden classics, mostly single chine plywood designs. Some classes I recognize, such as the junior A kanot (canoe stern, first boat shown in the video) and the B kanot (canoe stern, the one with the mini hiking wings). I have no idea what class of boat sports the balanced jib boom or the class sporting the single trapeze.

The Google translation from Swedish says this is a sailing camp. I assume it is somewhere in the Stockholm archipeligo. All these junior sailors and not one fiberglass Opti to be seen!

Update on 4/09;

From Dinghy Forum on Sailing Anarchy .com we have this quote..........

Nils Björkman in Sweden has a whole slew of youth boats. He is a Naval Architect and runs Ungdomarnas Båtbygge (The youth boat building club).

A webpage of Nils Björkman designs.

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