Friday, December 20, 2013

Music Whenever: "Life's a Long Song", Cover by Andrea Vercesi

I'm back. Therefore I must have purchased a new computer. Indeed, and this new piece of hardware is a whizbang at loading YouTube videos at a rapid clip, eclipsing my former machine that was stuttering and sputtering on handling a video feed. With this greater speed I spent a glorious two hour nostalgia trip (blogger George calls this "slob setimentality"), browsing YouTube videos of some of my favorite music artists from my college days. (I had a sparse LP collection back then; not possessing a record player and relying on friends to play my albums.) In this manner of net-mind-wasting, jumping from link-to-link, I came across this great home grown cover of one of my favorite Ian Anderson songs (Jethro Tull).


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much about your interest on my YouTube video...if you want you can find me also on facebook! All the best! Andrea from Italy

Tweezerman said...


You are a great musician. I love your covers. I'll check out your Facebook page.