Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Header Photo: Mariposa Again!

As far as I know this is the first sailboat to be featured twice in a header photo. This is Bertrand Warion's Mariposa, a French design Classic Moth with the sauciest sheer (hence the most photogenic) of all current Classic Moths. (Plus I'm partial to lime green as a hull color.) This is the second iteration of Mariposa. Bertrand Warion decided to change the interior of the original Mariposa over to a double bottom (an idea he has since back-tracked on since he is a tall fellow and he felt somewhat cramped when he took away some of the room for his legs).

No matter. This still shows the room for experimentation in the Classic Moth class with probably the most roomiest interior going in the Classic Moth. The trade-off? The tiny gunwhales are definitely not a comfortable hiking platform.

Mariposa line drawings.


la coulée douce said...

hello !!
mariposa is now out my mother's garden and back my new home (since 3 years ,lot of work and lot of things to do)
as soon i finish my homeworks (reconditionning another part of my home) thinking to build a new deck plan for a little more hicking confort

this summer a new moth was built in my backyard in 10 days
a design previously built by myself in 2000/2002? with little modifications
the guy is very happy with his boat (he is a surfer ,not a sailor but willing to be!!
first trial in july ,a little "ducks lake" near home
one week on the rivers"garonne" and "gironde"
also sailed on lake sanguinet and arcachon bay this summer (and more in prévision)
easy boat ,easy surf....
this winter my young friend will build his own mast (actually it is mariposa mast)
probably free standing mast (he is also a carpenter and joiner)

regards b warion

Tweezerman said...


Thanks for the details and links to the photos on your new Moth Classique. I'll probably post some photos of it in a later post. A very nicely done Moth design! Any chance you could provide some details so that other people can build your latest Moth Classique? I think there might be some interest in a stable Moth.