Monday, September 19, 2016

Johnny Z's Classic Moth Mistral Build Reaches the Finish Line

John Z. put on a late summer push to get his Mistral Classic Moth build finished for the E-City Nationals in mid-September. I went over to his place to take some photos as he screwed in the last fittings.

John has installed a 16:1 cascading vang.

The carbon mast is free-standing with a forestay which provides positive rake control.

John used the Ronstan sheaveless blocks for his leads at the base of the mast. Simple and light. I pulled the strings a bit and they seemed to slide fine.

John doubled up the ply in the seat area to support him crashing around and sitting down heavy on the tacks. The carbon boom was a discarded carbon oar from a rowing shell.

John glassed some ears on the boom and then attached it with a through bolt on the mast. 2:1 on the outhaul is external.

John used foam deck pieces from the SUP crowd for his non-slip in the cockpit (comfortable for knees as well).

John Z., the builder, with his new Moth now in the daylight, putting on the eyestraps for the traveler.


Alden Smith said...

Is this a yacht or a Stradivarious violin?

Paul Mullings said...

Truly beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye as I sailed one back in the seventies...

Tweezerman said...

John is one of the most meticulous builders I know. Plus, he loves to sand. (I know, this is anathema to my boatbuilding.) The fit and finish of any of his projects is always top notch. (He did a really nice foiler Moth from scratch a few years back.)