Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Australian 12-Foot Cadet Junior Trainer

Nope, I'm not posting about the Jack Holt designed, 3.2 meter, 10.5 foot junior dinghy, popular internationally. This is the Australian 12-foot Cadet, a lapstrake open dinghy, designed in the 1920's and still used as a junior trainer by the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Melbourne, Australia. The 12-foot Cadet, definitely an anachronism in this modern age, is still used by the RBYC and seems very much at home in the big wind and big water of Port Phillip Bay.

A vintage restored Cadet Dinghy. Sporting a skeg and gently swooping sheer, you couldn't get any more classic lines for an old traditional dinghy, .

Big winds, big waves, spinnaker pulling. The juniors sail them three up and the modern ones are fiberglass with aluminum masts. These dinghies do sport big rigs and a jib that hangs off a bowsprit, both are hallmarks of vintage Australian dinghies.


Dieharddinghysailor said...

Where do you find these gems of info...?? I hadn't ever seen one, but looks fun. The Ozzies are hot on Junior trainers, what with VJ's, Manly Junior and Flying Elevens, all with spinnakers, hiking devices.....

Alden Smith said...

I love these sorts of boats - real little boats, character and multipurpose - who wouldn't want to go for a cruise in one of these!!