Tuesday, November 27, 2018

D Zero Video: Is this the one?

I don't really keep up with the machinations of ISAF or World Sailing or whatever the international governing body of sailing is called now - I really only have x-amount of aged grey matter to devote to all the digital information flowing in daily. I did read that there was to be some sort of singlehanded trials to replace the Laser (did they call them off? - or are they still on?). If I recollect, the singlehanded classes that made the cut were the most recent design additions in the mix; the RS Aero, the Melges 14, and the D Zero. And, of the most recent videos of these classes (within the past six months) Earwigoagin nominates this D Zero video as the winner.

Disclaimer: No endorsement of any of these three classes is implied with this post. (My heart belongs to the Classic Moth.) Click here to see some more of Earwigoagin's babbling about these (and other) singlehanded classes.


George A said...

Looks like a nice boat. But what's with that aft traveler bridle?

Tweezerman said...

Yeah, Lot's of extra gubbins compared to the Classic Moth traveler.