Sunday, December 9, 2018

Three Rivers Race: I can't get enough of Dylan Winter!

If I had a bucket list (which I don't; I am more of the type to play it by ear, see what life offers up, and see what falls out), racing in the U.K Three Rivers Race on the Norfolk Broads would be at top. I have written several posts over the years about the Three Rivers Race, most of the posts featured the superb Dylan Winters videos which have since disappeared. However, this Dylan Winter video on the Three Rivers Race has resurfaced and is a perfect summery antidote for a Mid-Atlantic evening where we are bundled up in an early December cold-snap and the temperatures at night have been dipping well below zero.

Dylan Winter is asking those who enjoy his videos to consider contributing some cash. His website is over here.

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Dieharddinghysailor said...

Thanks for sharing that, it was brilliant....! I didn't know it existed, and I also had no idea so many of the grand old Broads yachts were still going. Heartening to see. The skills of the sailors, navigating in such close quarters was also impressive. I liked the guys roll-tacking the lovely lapstrake 14ft dinghies.! And the Norfolk Punts are spectacular.

Always fancied renting a Broads boat, but never got around to it. Many jokes have been made about broads on a boat/ boats on the Broads....