Friday, March 13, 2020

Classic International 14 up in Alaska

Here at "Earwigoagin Central" we receive the odd email every now and then. Murray Buttner updates us on the travels of the Ames 2 Classic varnished woodie International 14. (The previous history of the Ames 2 International 14 can be found over at the CBIFA blog.
"I recently purchased her ... and she is now up in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. There is a huge, beautiful bay here. Steady breezes (except when it’s howling) and well protected from all directions except the North/Northeast. With her smaller 420 rig she is perfect for this San Francisco Bay of the North!"
Some beautiful photos of Murray sailing the Ames 2 during the Alaskan winter, snow-capped mountains in the background.


Alden Smith said...

I find the idea of sailing in Alaska tantalizing and inviting - but it may be a bit too cold for me at my age in a centerboard dinghy - but something bigger? yep - looks like a great place for a summer cruise.

Dieharddinghysailor said...

Sad to see her go, but believe she has gone to a good home.......would love to visit up there, looks spectacular.!