Friday, October 30, 2020

2020 Classic Moth Nationals

Lloyd Griffin

The 2020 Classic Moth Nationals in Elizabeth City was a drift-fest, with racing only on Saturday. The 2020 Nationals were postponed for one month because of concerns over too much wind from the remnants of one hurricane. Ironically the rescheduled Nationals had the wind sucked out of Elizabeth City by the passing of the remanants of another hurricane.

As usual, George A. over at Mid-Atlantic Musings has the complete report.

Results (top twelve) of the 2020 Classic Moth Nationals. Congrats to Mike Parsons, the 2020 champion, George Albaugh, winner of the Gen 1 division, Joe Bousquet, Masters champion, Sam Moncia, junior champion, and Emma Mayer, women's champion.

Skipper Races Hull Design
Mike Parsons 1,1,1,1,[2],1 Mistral
Joe Bousquet 2,2,2,2,[4],2 Mistral
Parker Purrington 3,[4],4,3,3,3 Dunand
John Zseleczky 4,5,3,[7],1,4 Mistral Y2K-mod
George Albaugh 6,3,[8],4,5,7 Wooden Europe (Gen1)
Zach Balluzo 5,[7],6,5,6,6 Mistral Y2KMod
Bob Patterson [8],6,7,8,7,5 Shelley (Gen 1)
Sam Moncia [9],8,5,6,9,8 Olympic Europe (Gen 1)
Emma Mayer 7,[10],9,10,10,10 Olympic Europe (Gen 1)
Matthew Panek 12,11,10,12,8,[DNF] Olympic Europe (Gen I)
Logan Weeks 10,[13],11,9,13,11 Olympic Europe (Gen I)
Valerie Turbett 11,[14],14,11,14,9 Olympic Europe (Gen 1)

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