Sunday, May 1, 2011

Launchings; Tis the Spring

For those who follow sailing seasons as it is meant to be followed (and not to cheat the winter with drysuits and wetsuits and newfangled thermal fleece) this is the proper season for the first launch and sail of the year.

This video shows a traditional Finnish day sailor launching for the season and then chugging down the foggy river on, what sounds to be, a one lunger.... or maybe it's a diesel.... you can tell I'n not a motor head. (sorry .. no sailing!).

This video is to partially appease Traditional Doryman, who took horror at my featuring the plastic molded Skipper 14 ("looks like a hot tub" he opined in the comments section).


doryman said...

You have to admit those Finns know their boats. I didn't choose tradition, these boats chose me.

Jan Finland said...

Thats true! I had never any meaning to own Stina, but I saw her once and couldn't resist;)

Stina was again launched today. There's been a long and very hard winter with a lot of thick sea ice that melt away only one week ago.