Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Insect Sailing Blog of 2011

Shucks Folks, I'm Speechless!

Tillerman once anointed me as the Internet #1 Sailing Dork.

And now, out of the blue, he went and did this.

When the Grand Poobah of sailing blogs; the prolific, witty, erudite, authoritative Tillerman gives you a thumbs up.......Wow!

I'm deeply honored. A Tip of the Hat to Tillerman, the older-than-I, but still young, coot of a Laser sailor.


Baydog said...

Tweezerman, were you tiling the bathroom floor before that photo was taken?

Tweezerman said...

Baydog, I've been told that when unemployed, personal hygiene suffers.... that in the morning you don't get around to shaving, showering, flossing your teeth, combing what hair you have left. But thats not true, I'm still on top of it. I just have little Munchkins do it.

Anonymous said...

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