Friday, August 2, 2013

Beer: Ahead of the Curve; Elysian Super Fuzz

Back when I was a young buck, my favorite summer beer after sailing was one of my own concoction. Sort of like a shandy (lemonade and beer) I would mix orange juice and beer. Through experimentation, my taste buds settled on a pilsner type beer (the original Budweiser does fine) - 2/3 of a glass with orange juice making up the other third. Most of my friends thought I was crazy and I could never entice them to try it. Now with the craft beer revolution, some of these brewers are bringing out their own version of orange juice and beer. I decided to buy a 6-pack of the craft Elysian Super Fuzz, a blood orange beer - whatever that means. I was intrigued with what a master brewer would do with this combination. Turns out it didn't taste all that different from my home-grown mix, plus, if you mix your own you can tune the beer vs. orange juice ratios - depending on your mood. But, I'm still curious. If I see another brewer with a beer/orange style, I'll probably give it a go.


Tillerman said...

This doesn't sound like the kind of beer that Fred A. Mabbett would drink.

Bursledon Blogger said...

I picked up a similar "bad habit" from Spain, shandy made with larger and bitter lemon (the cloudy type) - i get strange looks every year from the yacht club bar staff, but still tastes good.

Tillerman said...

You people are starting to scare me. Fred A. Mabbett must be rolling in his grave,