Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Classic Moth Nationals 2013 - Pre-Regatta Look

The 2013 running of the Circle M-boats at E-City is scheduled for this coming weekend, Sept 21, 22. It's been two years since I attended and this year I'm going as the PRO (Principal Race Officer) as I'm recovering from some hernia surgery. To get the pre-regatta hype going I've decided to drag two videos from previous nationals out of the Earwigoagin archives and re-post them.

From the first beat of the first race of the 2010 Nationals, Rebecca Dudzinsky gets her Europe dinghy up to the weather mark ahead of all the big names (well one big name - Jeff Linton and some smaller names like Rod Koch, Mike Parsons, Joe Bousquet, and Mark Saunders). She wasn't able to hold off the Mistrals for the regatta, finishing fourth, a good result for the Europe dinghy.

I don't think there is any class in the world that allows such a wide conglomeration of hulls to race together, designs from the 40's, 50's and 60's plus our modern interpretations, plus a wide variety of skippers. I guess you would say we are the polar opposite compared to the strict one-designs of the Sunfish or Laser.  From some on-shore photos at the 2008 Nationals:

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George A said...

Thanks for reposting those. Good times!