Sunday, November 24, 2013

Micro Dinghy: A 6-Footer Buzzing through a Cruising Anchorage

I chanced upon this video of, what I assume, is a cruiser-built micro dinghy showing her stuff in light wind around an anchorage off Senegal. A flat bottomed skiff with just a hint of a raked bow and a balanced lug rig, the performance of this tiny craft looks more than satisfactory. (Plus I'm a sucker for the African Soukous soundtrack.)

Dimensions given at the end of the video are:
  • Length: 195 cm (6' 4")
  • Beam: 105 cm (3' 5")
  • Mast Height: (6' 6")
  • Sail Area: 2 sq. meters (given, but looking at the rig I'm thinking it has to be bigger than that).

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1 comment:

George A said...

Wonder how this little yacht would stack up against a Cape Cod Frosty? Music is catchy.