Monday, November 18, 2013

Speed, Speed and More Speed

Two videos came to light recently that showcase the really, really fast side of small boat sailing; done by truly gifted athletes.

The first one is of the foiler Moths. I know there is a gajillion foiler Moth videos out there but this video is interesting in that it is about equal parts in getting it right and equal parts in getting it wrong. With the foilers, if the wand can't stay up with the speed, it's down, down we go...real fast....Stuff City! TOH to these intrepid athletes because it looks as if the wind speed was at the upper limit of control for the foilers.

International Moth Open 2013 from Andy Whitehead on Vimeo.

The second video is of the recent speed record run of kitesurfer Alex Caizergues, probably at that specialty course set off the coast of Africa (Wavedancer has commented that the record was set on a course in France) Sit back and marvel at this guy going 60 mph, inches away from a sandy oblivion). I like how, at the end of this video, his assistant is holding a strap off his back to ensure the fellow doesn't fly away, Mary Poppin style, as he raises his arms in triumph.

Alex Caizergues - New Kitesurfing Record - 11 Nov 2013 from Valencia Sailing on Vimeo.

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Caizergues' record was set in France...