Sunday, February 23, 2014

Header Photo: ACA Canoe and the Sebago Cup from Bonnie K.

In the Wild, Wild West ethics of the bloggosphere, if you see a photo from another blogger, go ahead and lift it for your own blog. And, that's just what I did. The previous header photo was by Bonnie K over at Frogma, a photo-blogger that covers all things NYC including the goings on at her beloved Watersports club, the Sebago Canoe Club. The photo is of the Sebago Cup, a somewhat long-distance jaunt for small sailboats, held mid-September that takes the fleet around Jamaica Bay. I think Bonnie K. took this photo looking aft while racing her Sunfish. The ACA (American Canoe Association one-design lateen rig) sailing canoe astern is Jim Luton, someone I crossed paths with when I was sailing International Canoes. He was a prolific tinkerer and a boat builder, who somehow got diverted from the open sailing canoes and now, it appears, is back. At the turn of the century I was the American Canoe Association Sailing Chairman for two years and attended the open sailing Canoe National Championships and so have a warm affection for this small band of sailing enthusiasts. Over the years I've owned two ACA sailing canoe hulls that never made it through as complete projects and now have been moved on to other owners. The Sebago Canoe Club and the ACA open sailing canoes are worthy of future posts but you can view some photos of ACA canoes sailing at MASCF that I have previously posted.


bonnie said...

Naturally Jim was not astern for very much longer - that canoe of his, downwind it just goes faster and faster! Of course he's also one of the best sailors in the club, it's not all about the boat.

I was tickled to see my photo as a header here!

Tweezerman said...

Thanks Bonnie for a very nice sailing picture. The sun and clouds really make this pic a stunner.