Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scow Moth Plans: Australian Len Morris's MkII

I've chunked the plans for Len Morris's Mk II scow Moth into a loadable PDF format below. Len Morris's Mk II was the post-WWII design that would spread the scow Moth into every corner of Australian dinghy racing. A boxy, flat-bottomed design, hundreds of Mk II's would be built and this design would also spawn the one-design New-Zealand scow Moth, where hundreds more of this class would be built. The Australians from day one favored a high aspect (17-foot luff) sail plan-form compared to the lower aspect (15-foot luff) of the then International Moth (now our U.S. Classic Moth).

Click here to view a Mk II in the flesh.

(If you want to download or print the PDF file, click on the upward pointing arrow icon at the top right of the app bar. This will open the PDF in another tab where you can print or download.)


Anonymous said...

I like the look of the 17' sail plan. Is the boom shortened to still have the same sail area?

Tweezerman said...

The foot length on the Australian rig is shorter than the Classic Moth rig. I read somewhere that the original 17' luff Australian rig had less area than the shorter 15' luff International Moth rig. That is no longer the case with the large roaches carried by the current International Moth on a 17' luff.