Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just popping in for some rum.

A group of mostly older Australian gents (one younger lass joining in) as they stop in at a nearby local yacht club (Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club) to unwind and enjoy some complementary rum (no better concoction for team camaraderie than a bottle of rum).

Top Weight - A Day at the Races from mark callanan on Vimeo.


George A said...

Point nr 1: the rum was Mount Gay. Who knew Aussies were so civilized?

Point nr 2: that massive dagger board and non-kick up rudder make the notion of beach launching a Mistral from the lee shore seem a doodle.

Dieharddinghysailor said...

Brilliant, makes you realise how easy modern boats are to sail....also amazing noone gets eaten by sharks on Sydney harbour....!