Saturday, May 31, 2014

My2Fish Territory

The My2Fish blog is about all things Sunfish sailing. On his blog you can find all sort of videos of Sunfish sailors and sailing (as well as some neat music videos). Just this time, let me trespass on My2Fish's subject matter with a great video of a father and daughter just kicking back and enjoying cruising their Sunfish over to some sand flats where they bother the seabirds and enjoy the simple fun of gunkholing.

afternoon sail at the yacht club from Michael Bates on Vimeo.

And if you can't get enough (like me) of the schmaltzy but, nevertheless, finger-snapping soundtrack of the Sunfish video; General Public's "Tenderness", here is the original music video.


Tillerman said...

Really cool. Any idea of where this is?

Tweezerman said...

I think somewhere in the video it says this is at the Pensacola Naval Station. Probably the two Sunfish were rented from the rec division.